Maritime Logistics


  • Introduction to maritime Logistics
  • Logistics Management In Export Business
  • Logistics And Supply chain management
  • Logistics And Documentations
  • Global Trade and international maritime trade
  • Intermodal freight transport and logistics
  • Containerization and logistics strategy in container shipping
  • Carriage Of Goods By Land
  • Ocean Freight Rates
  • Shipping Formalities
  • Shipping Intermediaries
  • Major Ports In India
  • Major Ports In World
  • Objectives Of Logistics & Management
  • International Commercial Terms
  • Transportation & Management
  • Carriage Of Goods By Sea
  • Ocean Fright Calculations
  • Types Of Ships
  • Important Sea Routes
  • How to start export and import
  • Letter of credit and payment system
  • Export and import management
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Information And Communication Technology In Logistics Management
  • Other industrial related subjects
  • Basics of Business law, IPC, CRPC ,Evidence and Intellectual Property
  • Conclusion


In addition to this soft skills training is also provided for required candidates.

Such as

Resume Writing Dress Code
Confidence And Attitude Making The First Impressions
Time Management Making Presentations
7 Habits Of Success Interviewing
Communication Skills Letter Writing
Interpersonal Skills Decision Making Skills
The Art Of Conversation Body Language And Its Influence
Negotiations Lateral Thinking Group Discussions
Team Building Exercises Working In Teams
Managerial Skills Organizing And Presenting The Speech
Table And Dining Etiquettes  Social Mannerisms And Occasions Marketing Skills

Why  study Maritime (Shipping) Logistics? Or Opportunities in Maritime (Shipping) Logistics.

Maritime Logistics , Supply chain management, Container & Cargo Transportation management, Port & Customs documentation and Export and Import Management  related services is the fastest growing sector globally as well as in India. There are ample of business opportunities in this field.

Following points will give you an idea about the opportunities & growth of this sector

  • Our God’s on country’s dream projectVizhinjamTranshipment Port and Vallarpadam Container Terminal will result in creation of thousands of employment , business, industrial opportunities in near future.
  • As per the statistics of World Cargo News, during 2012-13, the first 100 ports of the world handled around 48 cores of 20 feet containers.The world container and cargo movements are approximately more than 5 times of the above statistics. From this statistics very simply we can understand how big the employment and business opportunities in maritime field
  • Our prime Minister pointed in the Maritime India Summit 2016, conducted at Mumbai in the year 2016 April that within 10 years 1 core employment opportunities will arise in India in maritime industry.
  • Dubai Expo 2020 requires a large number of employees at various logistics division.
  • In Abu-Dhabi, a new port named Khalifa is about to open.
  •  As per experts opinion already more than 1,50,000 employment opportunities are existing in Gulf, Singapore and European countries.
  • High profile job with high salary and good facilities. 
  • Good investement and business oppurtunities for entrepreneurs.