1. Are you interested in studying Maritime Logistics Industries ?
2. Are you new to the export/import Industry ?
3. Are you interested to become an expert in Shipping and Freight industry ?
4. Are you already in the Industry and looking into enhance your knowledge ?
5. Are you looking for a reference guide in Logistrics ?
6. Are you looking a job or interested to start a business in Shipping, Logistics Export/Import Industry ?

Then, you have reached the right place .. LLMTC the center for all your maritime study.

Who can attend?

  • Person of any gender.
  • Interested in startup business.
  • Abroad job seekers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Those interested in export and import business.
  • Freight forwarders /shipping company and lines.
  • Traders, Business man, Industrialists.
  • Government officials.
  • Export import policy makers
  • Banking staff
  • Akshayakendras & people associated with them
  • Others


Who are handling the classes (Faculty) and what is the method of teaching ?


The classes in LLMTC are handled by a group of well experienced dedicated professional team such as:-

  •     Successful entrepreneurs and industrialist
  •     Retired Captain
  •     NRI returners
  •     NRI
  •     Media persons
  •     Retired Govt. Offices
  •     Lawyers
  •     Other Professionals from India and abroad

Organize and conduct various workshops/seminars for students, job seekers business man, govt. officials and general public in regarding Maritime Logistics, Management, Law.(about employment, business, industrial opportunities and cruises management etc. Pre-recruitment knowledge sharing classes and training for abroad job seekers


The purpose of this training program is improve the employment enhance-ability of an individual through soft skill training. This training will help the candidate to get an awareness about the country to which he/she has applied for, how to write an impressive resume, how to communicate with the delegates, how to present themselves to make a good impression in front of the interview board, manners and body language, how to negotiate salary, etc.


Basic awareness program about the job seeking country-The Geography of the country, its culture, Nature of Business and residence, Different types of private and Gov.: offices, Hospitals, Various Emergency contact numbers, Basic language skills including numbers (Arabic), and so on.



We can give a helping hand to candidates for locating reliable job vacancies through our contacts and business relations in India and abroad. Many companies in India and abroad are selecting candidates through campus selection/interviews from our institution. Please note that we are giving placement assistance only, and we are not a recruiting agency. We do not offer or do not give any assurance of placement for candidates or students who joined with us. Also we do not offer/provide or assure certificate attestation from any Government /Private Department/authority. But most of our students has got high paid employment through our systematic training and placement assistance.